patriot act

Should the government be able to wiretap your phone without a warrant? i dont think the government should be allowed to listen to our phone conversation because doing so would viiolate our civil liberties guaranteed in the fouth Amendment of the Constitution. The fourth Amendment protects our rights against unreasonable searches or seizures and requires the government to have a warrant or proable cause before conducting a search. The USA Patroit Act allows the government to search without having either.” If the Patriot Act allows them to seach without having either then what kind of rights do we have.

  • “The reauthorization Act amends and makes permanent the USA Patriot Act. The Reauthorization bill includes higher restrictions on the government’s use of section 215”
  • “President George W. Bush signed the bill into law, he also issued a “signing statement” which basically stated that he was not obligated to follow the laws if he felt it necessary for national security.”
  • “the freedom of religion and speech, freedom of the press, the freedom to peacefully assemble and the freedom to petition the government”

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